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Victron 30A 12VDC - 12VDC Smart Battery Charger (Non Isolated)

Victron 30A 12VDC - 12VDC Smart Battery Charger (Non Isolated)

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Product Information:

Victron Energy’s DC-DC Smart Battery Chargerr is designed for charging a 12V service battery in vehicles with a smart alternator (regenerative braking, Euro 5 and Euro 6 engines)
The Battery to Battery Smart Charger will charge the services battery, eliminating high voltages (e.g. Mercedes: 15,4V) and low voltages.
Deep discharge of the vehicle's starting battery is avoided by a built-in ‘engine running’ detection system. The Smart Charger can be programmed by Bluetooth using the Victron Connect app

Adaptive 3-stage charge algorithm: bulk – absorption – float
Suitable for charging lithium batteries.
Unlimited number of units can be connected in parallel for increased output

  • Input Voltage Range - 10 - 17V.
  • Output Voltage Range - 10 - 15V
  • Continious Charge Current 30A
  • Dimensions - 130 x 186 x 80mm
  • Weight - 1.8Kg
  • Warranty - 5 Years