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Victron Lithium-Ion Peak Power pack  12.8V - 30Ah

Victron Lithium-Ion Peak Power pack 12.8V - 30Ah

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Product Information:

Victron Lithium-ion Peak Power Pack is ideal for powering caravan movers

The Peak Power Pack is a complete substitute for heavy lead acid batteries in applications where high currents occur for short time.
The power pack is equipped with a built in charger allowing charging from the car electrical system while traveling. It is also possible to charge using the supplied 230V mains adapter, or from a solar panel.

Output 1 “mover”: Is the high capacity output for caravan manoeuvring and other applications that are energy- intensive - Ideal for caravan manoeuvring (caravan movers).

Output 2 “domestic”: for low DC loads
- Intended for lighting, audio and video, pumps, fridges.
- Short-circuit proof.
- Protected against excessive battery discharge.

  • 12.8 Volt - 30Ah 
  • 384Wh 
  • Continuous output current – 150A
  • Maximum output current – 200A (10 Seconds)
  • Weight – 5.4Kg
  • Dimensions h172 x w190 x d172 mm
  • 5 Year Warranty