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Victron SmartShunt 500A

Victron SmartShunt 500A

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Product Information:

Victron's New SmartShunt is a battery monitor with built in Bluetooth, but without the disply..
The Smart Battery Shunt is the latest addition to the 'battery fuel gauge' range. With built-in Bluetooth, the battery status can be displayed and setting altered using Victron Energy's smartphone App. The Victron Smart Shunt can be connected directly to the Color Control GX, Venus GX and the new Victron Crebo GX using a VE Direct lead. -
The following can be read:

- Battery voltage (V)
- Battery charge/discharge current(A)
- Ampere-hours consumed (Ah)
- State of charge (%)
- Power consumption in watts 
- Time to go at the current rate of discharge
- Voltage on second battery
- Temperature or midpoint voltage measuring (Temp sensor required)

Other features include :

  • Voltage range 6.5 - 70V DC
  • Current consumption: < 1mA
  • Battery Capacity - 20 - 9999Ah
  • VE.Direct Communication Port
  • Dimensions h46 x w120 x d54 mm
  • The SmartShunt is supplied with connection cables with fuse
  • 5 year warranty