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Victron Quattro Inverter Charger 48/5000/70-100/100

Victron Quattro Inverter Charger 48/5000/70-100/100

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Product Information:

Victron Quattro - 48V DC input - 230V AC output
Two AC inputs allows for connection to the main grid
on one input and a generator on the other for example.
automatically switching between the two power sources

The Quattro has two outputs allowing one output to be
available all the time, the other only available when there is an
external power source available. This output may be used to
connect a water heater for example which you only want to
work when mains/generator power is available.

Power assist will prevent overloading and tripping of a
limited power supply. Firstly reducing the power to
the battery charger and then, if required the Quattro
will take power from the battery adding it to the
available mains/generator power to supply the
heavy loads.

  • Pure Sine Wave Output
  • 10000 Watt Peak Power
  • 4500 Watt / 5000 VA Continuous
  • 70 Amp Battery Charger
  • 2 x 100 Amp Power Transfer Switchs (UPS)
  • Power Assist
  • Connect up to 6 units in parallel
  • 3 Phase configurable
  • Dimensions h444 x w328 x d240 mm
  • 30kg weight
  • 5 year warranty

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