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Victron Lead Carbon Battery 12V - 160Ah

Victron Lead Carbon Battery 12V - 160Ah

459.90 (383.25 Ex VAT)

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Product Information:

Victron Lead Carbon Batteries offer better partial state-of-charge performance, more cycles, and higher efficiency

Replacing the active material of the negative plate by a lead carbon composite potentially reduces sulfation and improves charge acceptance of the negative plate.

The advantages of lead carbon therefore are:

- Less sulfation in case of partial state-of-charge operation.
- Lower charge voltage and therefore higher efficiency and less corrosion of the positive plate.
- And the overall result is improved cycle life.

  • 106Ah Capacity (20 Hour Rate)
  • Cold Cranking Amps 500
  • Totally Maintenance Free
  • Cyclic Capacity
    • 500 cycles @ 100% Dod
    • 1000 cycles @ 60% Dod
    • 1400 cycles @ 40% Dod
  • M8, insert terminals ensuring best possible connection contact and eliminating the need for battery terminals.
  • Dimensions L532 x w207 x h220 mm
  • 55 kg weight
  • 2 year world wide warranty

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